Keeping with tradition

By Jacalyn Murphy

Pulling up to Sonoma Academy High School on November 7, the St. Vincent girls’ soccer team was prepared for a fight. They knew it was going to be difficult to repeat the results of the year prior which would include beating their rivals, allowing them to advance to the NCS championships.

As game time approached, each team lined up, number order, in accordance to NCS rules.  Each player was announced and the teams returned to their respective sides. But something important was missing. With the unexplained absence of the “Star Spangled Banner,” normally heard before every playoff game, a spontaneous decision led to a heightened sense of unity among the teammates. Arms draped around each other’s shoulders, swaying together from side to side, the SV girls formed a huddle. In the spirit of the game, and America, they belted out the lyrics for all to hear. “O’er the land of the freeeeeeeeeeeeeee” drew many giggles, as most were off key when singing that line.

“Let’s just say we are all tune deaf #lawl,” junior Rebecca Dodele said, laughing at the memory.

The opposing team gave them strange looks but the SV girls continued singing loud and proud. Apparently not everyone thought the singing was horrendous, for junior Maddie Perry shared that “we harmonized and sounded pretty good for the most part.”

Fueled by the harmony brought by the patriotic song, the Mustangs took control of the field. After a flurry of beautiful passes, sophomore Lauren Kulasingam scored the first, and unfortunately only, goal for SV. Sonoma Academy eventually found their footing and, supported by a rowdy home crowd, got the ball in the back of the net five times before the game ended. With that loss, SV girls’ soccer fell short of a third consecutive NCS title. Hopefully, next year they can return to the norm and come out victorious once again.

*This article was originally published in the SVHS student newspaper, The Onlooker.