The SVHS Art Department, led by Ms. Amy Waud-Reiter and Ms. Marla Pedersen, with help from Senior Marc Calabrese, created the above mural with the message “All Are Welcome Here.”  The message comes from a popular church hymn, one of Father Gary Lombardi’s favorite hymns, in fact.   Lombardi praises the mural and what it stands for.  As quoted in the Argus Courrier, he says: “This is what the church is truly about,” he said. “Jesus never made discriminations, and neither do we. Not only are we about educating our young people, we’re about offering an environment of love.”

Excerpt from the Petaluma Argus Courrier:

“In an effort to remind the community of what their school stands for, the fine arts department at St. Vincent de Paul High School has painted a mural with a simple message: All are welcome.  The words, taken from the Catholic hymn “All Are Welcome in this Place,” stretch across the Tillman Center building overlooking the courtyard in the middle of the St. Vincent campus, backed by a brightly-colored mural of a tree flanked by doves in front of painted stained-glass. The picture sits under a painted banner that begins “May you be poor in misfortune, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies, quick to make friends.””

Photo Credit: John O’Hara/For the Argus-Courier

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