Congrats to all the SV debaters for a great showing at the 2013 Novice & JV Western Championship tournament – TWO SV TEAMS RANKED IN THE TOP 10 IN THE WESTERN STATES! Adam Martin & Isabel Velez broke to the Quarterfinals (ranking them in the top 8 teams of 1st year debaters in the West!), only missing the Semis on a 2-1 decision. Sky Doble & Nico Lamaison were 4-2 and only missed breaking on speaker points (ranking them in the top 5 teams of 2nd year debaters in the West!)

Honorable mention to Tavia Vitkauskas & MJ Lozano and Kylie Clark & Ryan Lowry and Alex Dombrowski & Jack Doolittle for only missing breaking by 1 debate!

Several SV debaters also ranked in the tournament’s top 20 speakers in their divisions: in Novice, Jack Doolittle was 8th, Adam Martin 10th, in JV Sky Doble was 8th, Nico Lamaison, 11th, Tavia Vitkauskas 17th and Jocelyn Edmundson 19th. Also huge thanks to our student judges: Fiona Duffy, Lani Frazer, David Kilpatrick, Luz Lopez & Josh Martin GO SV!