Looking into the spotlight: The mirror and the runway
By Anna Griffin and Shannon O’Kane

A murmured “shhh” drifted through the over-heated hallway, packed full of 108
impatient participants. On the opposite side of the thick double doors the full house sat in
groups of eight keeping up a mild chatter, unaware of the chaotic scramble occurring just
a few feet away. Then with the whisper of the first person to sight the crack in the door,
eager silence spread across the dining hall. The first primped model emerged in a delicate
outfit, dolled up in a precise fashion, leading the cascade of sculpted youth—and the
show began.
“I was definitely a little nervous,” says sophomore Maddie Perry. “In one of my
outfits I had to wear wedges. That was a little dicey at times. But everybody seemed to
maneuver just fine.”
This year’s show started off with a welcomes from emcees, Kenzie Chelemedos
and Emily Slaugh. The outfits worn by the models were on loan from by local stores
around Petaluma like Red Umbrella and Ooh La Loft, and by many well-known brands,
like Free People, Gap, and Van Heusen. Each of the S.V. models wore two outfits for a
total of 216 clothing outfits.
“It’s always amazing to me,” Emily remarks, “to see the students that are normally
shy at school, losing that shell and becoming a performer on stage at the shows. And I
know that I’m not the only one who sees that kind of growth, either. In this way, I think
that the Fashion Show has its own special way of building the character of the models in
This event is the only fundraiser that benefits the high school exclusively. The
profits will help pay for the remodeling of the student restrooms in the arcade area.
These improvements are scheduled to take place during the summer and be completed
in time for the start of the 2012-13 school year. The wonderful St. Vincent’s mothers,
Stacy Gambonini, Lisa Patin, Alicia Slaugh and many more, organized and produced the
fashion show. The theme of the show was “SVee” which is a word play on the title of the
popular show, Glee. Held at Stonetree Golf Club in Novato, the show offered separate
lunch and dinner performances.
The fashion show consisted of opening and closing dance numbers and
choreography to songs remade by the original Glee cast members. The students rocked
their outfits and strutted down the runway with poise. The seniors closed the show in
evening wear, debuting the newest prom dresses and tuxes in stock for 2012. The finale
featured two groups of performers coming into the room, clapping their hands to the
song, “Don’t Stop Believing” which led into a dance. At the end of the dance number the
participants ran to get fake “Slurpee cups”, filled with tinsel instead of ice which they
threw into a very surprised audience.
Although facing minor difficulties, slight changes in location, and having to adapt
to maneuvering through the massive chaos that was the models’ main hallway (which
doubled as the girls “dressing room”), both performances were a great success.
“It was a bit chaotic, but it had a great overall turnout,” Maddie claimed.