March is National Youth Art Month – Help us fund the SVHS Art Department Printmaking Project. For every dollar you donate, Blick Art Supplies will match it. The total cost for the project is $1950 We only need to raise $975 to make this happen. Please click here to give today. The offer for matching funds ends on March 30th.

The printmaking curriculum at St. Vincent’s High School will provide a new dimension to the study of art for our students. They will be able to learn the following techniques:

  • Relief, where ink is applied to the original surface of the matrix. Relief techniques include: woodcut, wood engraving, linocut and metalcut;
  • Intaglio, where ink is applied beneath the original surface of the matrix. Intaglio techniques include: engraving, etching, mezzotint, aquatint
  • Planographic, where the matrix retains its original surface, but is specially prepared and/or inked to allow for the transfer of the image. Planographic techniques include:lithography, monotyping, and digital techniques.
  • Stencil, where ink or paint is pressed through a prepared screen, including: screenprinting and pochoir
  • Mixed Media, where the techniques above are used in combination and with other media

Our goal is to expand our art curriculum in a way that promotes the maturing students’ thinking, working, communicating, reasoning, and investigating skills. The purchase of a printing press and the equipment for printmaking will allow students to learn difference techniques and diversity dimensions of their art work. Expanded art programs for students also provide for their growing familiarity with the ideas, concepts, issues, dilemmas, and knowledge important in the visual arts. As students gain this knowledge and these skills, they gain in their ability to apply knowledge and skills in the visual arts to their widening personal worlds.

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