The Undeniable Ruth is an outrageous, funny, inspiring blog by a St. Vincent’s graduate who has gone on to do some pretty extraordinary things. In her own words:

Hi.  I’m Ruth.  I’m a law student.  I’m also a geek, a singer, and a writer.  I’ve tried to be normal, but it’s never work out for me.  I tend to have strong opinions and my track record suggests I might be brilliant.  I take my work seriously, but not myself.

I grew up in the world of gymnastics.  I love doing flips and the feeling of flying through the air.  I loved the long hours of training, working towards perfection, and ultimately performing in the spotlight.  That sport taught me as much about life as it did about the physics of the human body and the importance of landing on one’s feet.

I’ve been called quirky, weird, and adorable.  I consider them all to be compliments.

I am a master of random information.

I love going on adventures.  I have been bungee jumping and skydiving, and I have made the pilgrimage to the Future Birthplace of Captain Kirk.  One of my life goals is to visit Antarctica, and do a handstand there.  One thing that’s more important than the adventures in my life is the people I them with.  We manage to make everything we do pretty entertaining.

Recently Ruth wrote an excellent series of posts where she pays tribute to Mr. Darvin DeShazer, biology and AP biology teacher at St. Vincent de Paul High School. She also wrote about his passion and expertise in the field of mushrooms and fungi:

He maintains a blog of beautiful photography from his mushroom hunts where he says, “The fun(gi) is in the hunt, but the thrill is not to kill.  The foray is the fun and it leads to learning by observing.  And to think, the incredible journey starts from a tiny spore.”


Thanks, Ruth, for sharing your stories and reminding all of us about the tremendous influence and impact amazing teachers have on our lives. They teach us to be curious, to look at things carefully, to keep learning and finding wonder in the world!