UrsylaBaumMeet Senior Ursyla Baumgarten, the Scholar-Athlete for the month of December at St. Vincent High School. Ursyla is the daughter of Theresa and Ross Baumgarten of Penngrove and is currently competing in basketball for the Mustangs. During this winter athletic season, Ursyla is being recognized for her commitment and dedication to academics, community, and sport.

Ursyla came to the Mustangs from St. Vincent Elementary School as a freshman and remembers being apprehensive about changing and adapting to a high school environment. Those fears subsided as Ursyla found a home at St. Vincent High School by being an integral participant in both basketball and softball. Even having her tooth knocked out in the first game of this season would not diminish her desire to play. She was more upset over not being able to continue in the game, than the tooth being replaced in her mouth and facing a root canal. Somehow, her apprehension over her freshman year just doesn’t seem so bad!

Upon entering her senior year at St. Vincent, Ursyla currently has a 4.33 cumulative GPA. She has embraced the school’s motto of “enter to learn, leave to serve” by accumulating over 150 hours of community service working with kids through sports. These hours include helping to create a softball camp for 3rd through 8th grade students and coaching softball/volleyball youth sports. She is a great role model for this younger generation. Upon reflecting back on her high school career at St. Vincent, Ursyla says her most rewarding experience has been building relationships through her athletic experiences and participation in leadership class. Ursyla hopes to attend either Loyola Marymount or Redlands University in the fall, and major in liberal arts or psychology. She is well grounded in realizing that she wishes to attend a university or college that will provide her with a great academic future. There is no doubt in the thoughts of the community of St. Vincent High School that she will succeed in her quest and congratulate her on this selection.