Principal’s Message

Dear SVdP Community:

One of the things that I enjoy most as principal of St. Vincent De Paul High School is getting to know our students. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to converse with students and learn what is most important to them.

Empowering Students with a Focus on Values

St. Vincent De Paul High School provides an environment where teachers and students work together to build lasting relationships. From the instruction in the classroom and on the stage to mentoring on the field, our students are empowered to strive for excellence, work as a team, develop their faith, learn to lead and ultimately become the best version of themselves. Ultimately, this kind of engagement benefits our teachers, administrators, and coaches. This also aids in the development of our student’s social skills, challenges their intellect and builds confidence and maturity.

Studies have shown, that students attending a Catholic preparatory high school are receiving the equivalent of a 1980’s college education. Combine this with the constant social media noise, the rigorous demands of the college admissions process, sports, music, debate and drama, and it is easy to see why our students need to feel supported. We strive to give them this support daily and guide them as they navigate through their high school years.

We Strive to Develop the “Whole Student”

It is important as parents to understand that our children will be entering the most competitive workforce in history. The job market will continue to evolve through artificial intelligence and technological innovations. At St. Vincent de Paul High School, we strive to develop the whole student.

We are preparing them not only for their future employment, but to be students of the world. We are focused on giving them life skills so that they will make educated decisions and ultimately achieve success and find their own happiness. We believe that our students learn these skills through faith, perseverance and by challenging their creativity.

Since 1918, St. Vincent de Paul High School has been educating and graduating students that have gone on to do great things. Through passionate instruction and the fostering of our Catholic faith, families, educators, and administrators have come together to make this all possible. I look forward to continuing the tradition of this partnership that began over 100 years ago.

I am honored to serve the students, faculty, staff, families, and alumni of St. Vincent de Paul High School and I am excited about the future and all that lies ahead.


Patrick W. Daly