Principal’s Message

At St. Vincent De Paul College Preparatory, we strive to prepare our students with skills for the 21st century.  We work hard with the changing time and world to make sure that our students have many opportunities to go out in the world and thrive in the areas of their faith, service and leadership.  We provide a rigorous college preparatory curriculum which includes our Advanced Placement program, and have incorporated more options for students to demonstrate excellence with our added AP Capstone program.  Students are engaged in cross-curricular conversations that explore the complexities of academic and real-world topics and issues by analyzing divergent perspectives.  We have instituted our Learning Defense program where students culminate their four years of instruction by presenting artifacts defending their learning experience by providing evidence to support their learning. 
Our mission strives to develop students to maximize their potential spiritually, academically and socially.  We teach Gospel values and ideals, and provide opportunities for students to grow in their faith and stewards for the community.  We hope for our students to emulate our alumni and follow in their footsteps as leaders of industry, humanitarians, researchers, teachers, and public servants, just to name a few.  We are focused on continued growth and maintaining a level of excellence in all areas of the school.  We are honored to call each of you alumni.  Your success is the school’s success.
May God Bless each and every one of you, and your families as we enter the next 100 years of educating young women and men in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.
“Let us do our duty well; let us go straight to God; let us work to become very humble, very patient, very mortified, and very charitable.” -St. Vincent de Paul
Mr. Tony Greco
Interim Principal