More than a College Preparatory School.

With college admissions becoming increasingly competitive today, students need a competitive edge. Academics alone won’t get them accepted into the college or university of their choice. They need more.

Apply for Admission

St. Vincent’s is the best preparation for admission to a competitive college and for lifelong success beyond academics. SVHS is now accepting applications for Fall 2023 and mid-year transfers.

SVHS educates students through a college preparatory curriculum that develops their spiritual, academic and social potential. Our goal is for students to become compassionate, responsible and active members of their communities. Start the process, and…

What’s Happening At SVHS

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Giving students the academic edge they need…

For motivated students and parents with aspirations for their children, St. Vincent’s is the school that delivers the most academically challenging yet personally engaging experience.

With a 100+ year tradition of excellence, we deliver a rigorous academic program that features the highest graduation requirements in Sonoma and Marin counties. SVHS graduates consistently earn exceptional academic outcomes.

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…And an amazing array of extracurricular opportunities and resources

The support we provide goes way beyond traditional academics. Our students join a high-achieving Mock Trial team, participate in our renowned Division 5 sports program, play in the jazz band, be a part of SVHS Mustang TV, and engage with Catholic values and ideals.

They are surrounded by teachers and coaches who have chosen to work intensely with students in our small school atmosphere along with aspiring peers from 20+ Catholic, private and public schools.

We teach creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and global awareness. SVHS sets high expectations, and our students strive for excellence in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the community.

Notable Facts About SVHS Graduates

Attend College
National Honor Society
At Least One Scholarship
Multiple Grants & Scholarships
Community Service Award

Students Talk about St. Vincent’s

“When I transferred into St. Vincent’s from a public school, this close-knit community welcomed me from my first day. Today, it would be very challenging to be successful in college without the structure, organization and accountability I learned at St. Vincent’s.”

Nico Lamaison, SVHS ‘15, 4th year student in Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University

“Despite an extensive training schedule outside of school, I still felt connected and have formed friendships to last a lifetime. St. Vincent’s is a place where you walk down the hallways and see a friendly face…it feels like home.”

Caroline Velez, SVHS ‘18, 2nd year student with the School of Dance at The University of Arizona

“At St. Vincent’s, the unique emphasis on quality writing was a critical foundation. I learned to organize my arguments and clearly convey my ideas which set me apart from my peers in college and now graduate school.”

Josh Martin, SVHS ‘13, UC Berkeley ‘17 B.A. in Linguistics and Cognitive Science PhD Student in Linguistics and Presidential Scholar at Harvard University

“The environment at St. Vincent’s provided me the opportunity to play three sports while at the same time having a good balance in my life for academics social activities. Our golf coach really helped me to move up to the next level and play in college.”

Graham Gilles, SVHS ‘18, 2nd year student in Business and member of The University of La Verne golf team

Spotlight on the People at SVHS

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Jenna Grosser ’22 | “Taking the Initiative”

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