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Community Service Opportunities

“Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve” There are four distinct categories of service that students may choose from to express our “CORE” belief in the inherent dignity of the human person. Initially, within their high school service career, students will be exposed to each of the four categories, which provide endless opportunities to embrace the key principles of Catholic Social Teaching. By sophomore year, they will declare a focus on one of the four, although they are welcome to perform service which is relevant to any of these issues. By senior year, each student will have developed a portfolio which includes a history of service, reflecting a theme of interest in one of the four categories. The four categories of service include:

HEALTH SERVICES—“Care of the Poor and Vulnerable” (ie., medicine, athletics/coaching, nutrition, cancer awareness, elder care/support, child care, Guide Dogs, Canine Companions, United Cerebral Palsy camps, etc.)

ENVIRONMENTAL—“Stewardship of Creation” (ie, ecology projects, clean-ups, recycling, conservation, wildlife preservation, beautification/restoration projects, Art Angels, bird reserves, etc)

SOCIETAL CONCERNS—“Global Solidarity” (ie, COTS, Academic tutoring, meals on wheels, Petaluma People Services, Amnesty International, etc.)

SPIRITUAL—“Call to Community and Common Good” (ie., VBS, CCD, Confirmation team, altar serving, etc)

Students must perform a yearly minimum number of CORE (Community OutReach Experience) hours, which have to be pre-approved by the theology teacher. (Summer CORE hour proposals can be emailed to the theology teacher during summer months.) CORE service involves more than a one time, in and out experience or very passive service. Those types of service as well as service to the St. Vincent Community are considered SUPPORT hours. CORE hours involve a more long-term commitment (ie., being a mentor, volunteering on a regular basis at the hospital, etc) and direct experience with the recipient of the service. CORE hours involve an added level of responsibility, time commitment and contribution to the community. In order for service to be considered CORE hours, the student must write an essay about their experience, demonstrating their understanding of the gospel values at work.

SUPPORT hours are designed to lend support to the local SVHS, SVES, parish community or any other non-profit service which does not meet the criteria for CORE hours.

  • Freshmen: a minimum of 5 CORE hours of the 20 hours of required service.
  • Sophomores: a minimum of 10 CORE hours of the 30 hours of required service.
  • Juniors: a minimum of 15 CORE hours of the 30 hours of required service.
  • Seniors: a minimum of 10 CORE hours of the 20 required hours of service.


  • Service may not occur in a for profit business.
  • There can be no monetary compensation for service performed.
  • Service must be completed outside of class time.
  • Service must be for an individual or group other than the student’s family.

CORE service must be pre-approved. If service is done for individuals they must have a documented disability or income below the poverty level. We are in the process of building our bank of pre-approved agencies, which will be updated regularly on the SVHS website. If you have any questions, or would like recommendations for service projects, please contact Kathy Atkinson at ext. 141 or

Graduating Seniors will receive Christian Community Service medals for the following:

  • Bronze Award 200+ hours
  • Silver Award 350+ hours
  • Gold Award 500+ hours.