Community Service

“Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve”

We support our students’ efforts as active community members in the service of others through a coordinated Student Service Hours program organized in conjunction with the teachings of our Theology department.  The basics include:

  • Fall Student Service Fair
  • Spring Day of Service
  • Class Service Trips
  • On-line tracking of service hours projects via a web-based application
  • Monthly communication of service opportunities for students

Each graduate of St. Vincent de Paul High School will meet the minimum graduation requirement of 100 hours of service; most will accomplish significantly more. By senior year, each student will have developed a portfolio which includes a history of service reflecting the themes of humanitarianism, faith-based, environmental, government and educational.

Students from each grade will be assigned reflection papers and projects about their service experience for their Theology class each semester.  Each graduating senior will formally present their service resume and experiences demonstrating their understanding of the gospel values at work to the school community.

For assistance please contact:
Annie Troy
Christian Service Hours Coordinator

Service: the Requirement and the Opportunity

Every SVHS student is required to give their time and their talents in service to local non-profit organizations. Through our Student Service Hours program and Day of Service, our school community of students and teachers enjoy living our motto – “Enter to learn, leave to serve”.

By fulfilling the graduation requirement of service to others, our graduates enrich their own growth and wisdom while making a practice of supporting those who need our help; a lifelong reward.

“It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” – Kahlil Gibran