Clubs and Activities

Art Angels

Club Moderator – Mrs Amy Waud-Reiter |

The Art Angels is a service club that allows students of all art abilities to work on projects that beautify the community. The Art Angels have painted several murals including at locations around Petaluma including the Kavanaugh Community Center, McKinley School, La Cotija, and the Yulupa YMCA in Santa Rosa. All students are welcome to help create the murals and art projects. This year the Art Angels will be creating a mural of an after-school YMCA program and Strawberry school and will be painting Art Rocks to place around the community.

Board Game Club

Club Moderator – Mr Nicholas Reynolds |

Board Game Club allows students to play a large variety of board games. These games include but are not limited to Settler of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Risk, Pandemic. Students, teachers, and staff members convene every other Wednesday from 3 pm – 5 pm in a selected classroom. These Board Game Club meetings serve to relieve the accumulated stress from a long day of school. Most importantly, Board games remove students from digital entertainment and help develop interpersonal skills and communication techniques. Come join us for an afternoon of laughs, strategy, and relaxation!

Dungeons and Dragons

Club Moderator – Mr. Steven Wieser |

The Dungeons and Dragons Club meets twice a week after school to play the Fifth Edition of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. Students develop their own player characters for the game with the help of the club as a whole and participate in a running episodic storyline (or “campaign”) during each session. In the game of Dungeons and Dragons, players use a combination of acting/role-playing their characters and dice rolls to determine success in their actions, and characters develop improvisational skills in response to the events occurring in the game (directed by a Game Master).

Above all else, the goal of the club is to engage participants’ imaginations and have fun with their companions in the world created by the group. It is also the club’s intention that members use these experiences in the club to gain insight into storytelling methods and character development, as well as building greater confidence with both acting/public speaking and mathematics with respect to their character interactions and dice-rolling exploits.


Club Moderator – Mr. Nicholas Reynolds |

Founded in 2018, Saint Vincent’s fast-growing eSports team has since expanded to include competitive opportunities for several games including Overwatch, Hearthstone, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros, and League of Legends. Finishing 4th in their timezone after their first season of play, Saint Vincent’s League of Legends team has had notable success in the High School eSports national scene. Constantly gaining members, the team is currently in talks of converting the school’s computer lab into an eSports arena.  This club works to unite the independent gamers within our community and to establish a team that is supportive, successful and fun.

Music Club

Club Moderator – Mr. Robert Bowman |

Music Club is a club for musicians and singers of all experience levels. This student-run club chooses a variety of music to practice and perform at the bi-annual Music Club Concert. Students practice their music choices during afternoon office hours in Tillman Hall. Students collaborate with their peers and the music teacher, Robert Bowman, to create the set list for the performances. All are welcome to participate in Music Club..

Teens Against Discrimination

Club Moderator – Mrs. Joanna Paun |

Teens Against Discrimination is Saint Vincent’s student-run diversity and inclusion organization. TAD aims to make the Saint Vincent community safe, open and welcoming of every student, regardless of their personal identity. Revived in 2015, TAD organizes trips to marches, distributes pins and posters promoting inclusion, and conducts events such as the March 14th memorial for school shooting victims among other activities.

Garden Club

Club Moderator – Mrs. Debbie Crosby |

The SVHS Garden Club is a cooperative effort between students, staff, and teachers. Since our first garden in 2008, the Garden Club activities have included gleaning for produce, growing our own vegetables, donating our vegetables to local pantries, helping distribute food at pantries, and realizing the importance of nutritious food.

Our crops are seasonal and have included tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, tomatillos, garlic, potatoes, kale, swiss chard, apples and flowers.

After the crops are harvested, the gardeners are encouraged to bring some of the harvest home to share with their families. Over 90% of the produce is donated to the Petaluma Bounty, local food pantries, and the Petaluma Ecumenical Project.
Gardening times take place during office hours or after school. Times are publicized in the daily announcements. All are welcome!

Chess Club

Club Moderator – Mr. Kenneth Blake |

Chess Club is a place where students can come to play chess with each other in a relaxed environment for one hour per week immediately after school. All skill levels are welcome. Chess Club will take place every other Wednesday from 3-4pm.

Philosophy Club

Club Moderator – Mr. Kenneth Blake |

Philosophy Club is, as the name suggests, a place to discuss philosophy. It will be a student led club, meaning that students will choose topics they wish to discuss and the moderator will offer guidance regarding authors and resources that address the topic. Philosophy Club will take place every other Tuesday during Office Hours.

Get Involved

Whether you simply want a break from the routine, want to spend time with like-minded people or have a real passion for a certain activity, SVHS offers opportunities. 

This page lists some of the clubs and activities students can choose to participate in.