Clubs and Activities

Applications can be found here. Applications must be submitted to the Student Activities Office by the date indicated on the application. No new clubs will be added after the end of the first quarter.

ASB and the administrative team will review and approve all clubs. They will contact the Club
President listed on the application to confirm approval. ASB will confirm that moderators listed have agreed to moderate the club.

Things to do before you submit your application:
• Compose a list of members
• Find a moderator for your club. Your club is required to have one adult moderator and will
not be approved without one.
• Create a mission statement and plan activities for the school year.

Below is a list of clubs for the 2022-2024 school year!


Bring SVTV to a whole other level.  Help us to interview classmates, faculty, and alumni about activities on campus and beyond, and to produce high quality videos that can be shared with the community.

Music Club | Moderator – Mr. Trevor Kinsel

Music Club is a club for musicians and singers of all experience levels. This student-run club chooses a variety of music to practice and perform at the bi-annual Music Club Concert. Students practice their music choices during afternoon office hours in Tillman Hall. Students collaborate with their peers and the music teacher, Trevor Kinsel, to create the set list for the performances. All are welcome to participate in Music Club.

Gardening Club | Moderators – Mrs. Dunne, Mr. Daly and Mr. Cavalin 

Join us in SVHS’s own vegetable garden, learn how to grow food sustainably.  We will be growing seedlings, transplanting, composting, pruning, fertilizing, and harvesting.  We even plan to build a community herb garden and pizza oven!

SAT Prep + Ping Pong Club | Moderator – Mr. Greco 

Work hard, play hard!

Basketball Club | Moderator – Mr. Bonfigli

We will be involved in the following activities; getting the competitive mental edge, studying the fundamentals of basketball, doing offensive & defensive drills, and analyzing games by looking at recordings.  Learn to play right –– as a team –– and to be successful!

Mock Trial | Moderator – Mr. Blake 

Who wants to participate in Mock Trial competitions against other schools?  Mock Trial is an intellectual sport, and like other sports we will be meeting both during club time and after school to prepare.  We hope to compete at the county level and advance to the state competition again!

Veterans’ History & Volleyball Ministry Club

Come study, interview, and record Veterans telling their stories. Participate in San Francisco’s Honor Flight, prepare for the U.S. Navy Memorial Trip over the summer, and play volleyball in your free time.

Drama Club | Moderator – Mrs. Noonan

Students will explore every aspect of staging a production, including but not limited to set building and painting, marketing, designing, acting, directing, stage management, and more!  Students will also participate in organizing fundraisers for the Visual and Performing Arts department.

Chemistry Club | Moderator – Mr. O’Meara

The Club is designed to assist students currently enrolled in Chemistry classes, who may need additional support. Extra labs, demonstrations, and guest speakers will be some of the features of the club, together with local field trips when possible.

Chess Club | Moderator – Mr. Vela 

Join the Chess Club, either to improve your skills or to learn the basics.  No prior experience is necessary.  Throughout the semester, you will learn openings, tactics, and endgames. Your move!

La Francophonie Club | Moderator – Mr. Ledermann

Discover the range of countries and regions where French is spoken.  Investigate the differences and similarities between their geographies, traditions, ways of dressing, products, laws, institutions, and perspectives.

“All Things Bird” Club | Moderator – Mr. Morton

Interested in birds?  Watching birds?  Feeding birds?  Building bird houses and feeders?  Taking walks in the “wilderness”?  Watching movies about birds?  Then join the All Things Bird Club!

World Cultures Club | Moderator – Mr. Hunt

Experience and examine global cultures through their art forms.  We will be exploring films, music, dance, food, and other cultural artifacts from around the world.

Sports Medicine | Moderator – Mrs. Campbell

This club will introduce you to the profession of Sports Medicine and being an athletic trainer.  Club members will also have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Campbell during athletic events, and learn some basic taping and stretching techniques to prevent injuries.

Programming Club | Moderator – Dr. Svitak 

Come program using Python, Snap!, C/C++, html rudiments and nuances and other programming languages, working at your own pace and direction.

The God Squad | Moderator – Mr. O’Smith 

We will practice good talk about God, break-down befuddling issues from theology classes, and help out with campus ministry events, including liturgies, church band / choir, retreats, family nights, and the Service Program.  And on liturgy days, club members will help set up the church.

Film Club | Moderator – Mrs. Rios 

Do you like to watch films?  We will be watching foreign, domestic, documentary, and animation films, so come and join us!

Art Lab Assistant Club | Moderator – Mr. Hobart

In this club you will help with all the “behind the scenes” operations that take place in the Visual Arts Department.  You will maintain, load and fire kilns, process clay, make glazes, frame artwork, organize the art room and materials, and make art when time allows.

Book Making Club | Moderator – Mrs. Ventilla

Books are not just for reading, they can also be aesthetically designed environments where ideas reveal themselves to our minds and senses alike.  Come make artists’ books, these are one-of-a-kind art objects that are experienced by the viewer in an act of discovery.

“Wiffle Ball” Club | Moderator – Mr. Daly

Play Wiffle Ball and have fun!

Get Involved

Whether you simply want a break from the routine, want to spend time with like-minded people or have a real passion for a certain activity, SVHS offers opportunities. 

This page lists some of the clubs and activities students can choose to participate in. Click the button below to see leadership opportunities for thwe 2023-2024 school year.