Counseling Services

What We Do

The Advising Department provides support to students in recognizing their aptitudes and developing unique abilities as they relate to college and career paths.

How We Work

Our team works to monitor individual academic progress, offers guidance during the college application process, and provides standardized testing opportunities. We assist students in finding and ultimately enrolling in a college that best fits their interests, talents, and life goals.

In addition to academic support, we also provide social and emotional support to students as this is a time of immense personal growth in the lives of our students. Additional programs include Freshman & Transfer Orientation, Junior and Senior College Nights, Financial Aid Information and College Representative visits.

Parents are encouraged to discuss with the Advising team any issues or concerns they may have regarding the academic, personal, emotional or spiritual development of their student.

Who to Contact

Juniors & Seniors

Joanna Paun
Director of University and Academic Guidance
(707) 763-1032 ext. 141

Freshmen & Sophomores

Richard Lemos
Associate Director of University and Academic Guidance/Resource Specialist

(707) 763-1032 ext. 193