Important Information for Operations During the Pandemic

Covid-19 School Guidance Checklist

Explains how the school meets California Department of Public Health requirements.
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Model COVID-19 Prevention Program (CPP)

Cal/OSHA required program for employers to create their own unique CPP tailored to their workplace.
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Sonoma County Return to School Criteria

Sonoma County Department of Health Services program providing guidance for schools, childcare and programs for children and youth.
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Family Return to Campus Agreement

Parents’ agreement on how to approach safety measures, including expectations for students.
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St. Vincent de Paul High School Covid-19 Safety Plan

SVHS’ comprehensive plan for creating and maintaining Covid-19 safety on campus.
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SVHS Reopening Community Expectations

Requirements expected of parents to help maintain the safety of the school community.
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SVHS  Travel Policy

Because travel may expose students to greater risk, students are expected to quarantine if they travel outside a certain radius.
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Stay Informed

In order to meet guidelines related to Covid 19, as well as help protect the health and safety of the school community, students, parents and staff need to stay informed. 

This page contains special policies and procedures that all must observe in order to be in compliance and help SVHS maintain the best possible environment for everyone concerned.