St. Vincent de Paul Better Together Organization (SVBTO)

Dear St. Vincent de Paul Families,

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools have had a very successful history building community and raising money through the efforts of our generous parents. As we begin this school year, our parent organization name is being refreshed to reflect our goal of coming together to support the missions of our schools collectively. We begin this year as the St. Vincent de Paul Better Together Organization (SVBTO) and we look forward to your joining us!

Our Mission:

The St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools Better Together Organization (SVBTO) connects all fundraising and community building groups together for the common goal of generating financial support for our schools. Through fundraising efforts, the mission of the SVBTO is to ensure that tuition costs remain affordable for all to attend SVdP Catholic Schools. The SVBTO actively promotes the academic, spiritual and social objectives that both schools provide, while fostering a community spirit built on the Christian values of inclusion and trust.

Who Makes Up The SVBTO?

As the mission statement highlights, the SVBTO “connects all fundraising and community building groups together” at SVES & SVHS. This means YOU and all groups including the SVES ABC’s (Association for Building Community), the SVHS MAC (Mustang Athletic Club), SVHS Project Graduation and the chairpersons for all fundraising events make up the SVBTO.

This year we are very lucky to have Event Coordinators from each school leading the charge. Melissa Smith and Monique Della Santina will run the quarterly meetings and be lead representatives for the SVBTO. If you have ideas that you want to share please reach out to our event coordinators using the emails below:

This fundraising can not happen without the involvement of parents from both of our schools. As there is a gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate our students, it is necessary to fund-raise to keep our tuition rates down and competitive in our market. Find out where you can help, make new friends while getting your volunteer hours and have some fun being part of the SVdP community too!  WE NEED YOU!

Mark Your Calendars!

SVBTO meetings will be held on a quarterly basis. Please see weekly eblast communications for dates and locations.