Student Spotlight written by ’24 Hudson Stipp: 

Alicia and Andrea Hartmann are sisters attending St. Vincent de Paul College Prep. 

Alicia, a junior at St. Vincent de Paul, has participated in many activities at the school and has achieved academic success all throughout her time. 

Her sister, Andrea, a freshman, has already participated in five sports throughout her freshman and sophomore year to this point. Those sports are varsity basketball, soccer, and lacrosse, JV volleyball and football. They played on the same soccer and lacrosse teams and both have agreed that it has definitely helped them on their athletics.

“I love it. We played really well together, whether it was on the court for volleyball or on the field for soccer, we always had each other’s backs,” Alicia Hartmann said. 

“Alicia and I work really well together when it comes to sports. We help each other out and learn from each other’s mistakes,” Andrea Hartmann said. 

This has helped them achieve success so far this year in their athletics both being major contributors to their respective teams. They both also have enjoyed attending St. Vincent de Paul as sisters. This is especially critical for Alicia to be able to have her sister at school has been a huge support for her. 

“Honestly, it really has made a difference. Throughout this year I had some injuries due to sports and Andrea was with me every step of the way,” Alicia said. 

As for Andrea, it has been nice to have a mentor at the school to help her through her first year of high school.

 “She knows exactly what I’m learning because she’s older than me and knows what I am going through. And it’s nice to have a sister at your school so they know everything happening and you just get their presence,” Andrea said. 

The Hartmann sisters have become an integral part of our St. Vincent de Paul community, and they have prospered together at school, enjoying it every step of the way. 

“It has been really fun, I enjoy watching her grow not only as a person, but socially. Like watching her get along with everyone makes me really happy,” Alicia said.