Patty transferred from Petaluma High School and chose to attend St. Vincent de Paul High School because she “wanted to be in a more academic environment surrounded by motivated students.” 

In just two years at St. Vincent’s, she was the Varsity Cheer Team Captain, participated in campus ministry and was elected Student Body Vice President while working at two jobs off campus.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and has been able to take Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors World Literature and Honors Chemistry.  In her senior year, she added AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Literature and AP Physics.  


“I felt extremely welcomed at St. Vincent’s — in the classroom and in extracurricular activities.  What I enjoyed most was all of the opportunities that are available to students.  I could be a cheerleader, be a part of leadership, take four AP classes and participate in other activities all at once.”  She continued, “There were so many ways to genuinely get to know my peers and the community.  I don’t think that I could have had this experience at other schools.”  

Principal Patrick Daly noted, “Patty has grown a lot since she transferred to St. Vincent’s.  Our faculty and staff recognize her incredible work ethic — she has matured into an exceptional representative of our school community.”

Patty’s mother shared her thoughts by noting, “Small classes and personalized attention are invaluable.”  She also expressed how impressed she was with Principal Daly, “They make it a great place for students.  In a challenging year, movie nights, retreats, senior activities, clubs, sports practices and extra efforts made all the difference for our daughter and all the students.”

Patty added, “I feel that without the education and high school experience I had at St. Vincent’s, I would not have the opportunity to gain acceptance to many of the colleges that I wanted to attend.”  At this time, Patty plans to attend St. Mary’s College of California where she has earned a merit scholarship.  With her varied academic interests, she has not decided on a major but will likely explore the college’s notable teaching program.


It may come as no surprise, that Patty’s favorite teacher attended St. Mary’s College of California for her undergraduate education and teaching credential.  “The most impactful teacher for me is Ms. Coale,” she revealed. “We arrived at the high school at the same time.  I know Ms. Coale genuinely cares about me and the other students — more than I have ever seen from any teacher before.”

As an English and History teacher, and Moderator of the Leadership program, Samantha Coale shared her sentiments about the senior student.  “Patty is an exceptional student and one of the most positive young people I know.  She is an excellent listener, thoughtfully applying her own insights to the general discussion without taking the general topic in another direction to suit her own interests.  Patty is going to grow into an amazing global citizen and a thoughtful and considerate adult.”

Patty continued, “A lot of people are intimidated by the sound of a ‘Catholic’ school — but St. Vincent’s is like any other high school — there are classes sports, clubs and activities.  The difference is the small supportive environment where the whole community wants to see you succeed.  It is not about ‘passing a few classes” to ‘get out of school’ — the St. Vincent’s community has an interest in you as an individual and to help you reach lifelong goals.”   

In just two years, Patty has accomplished a lot at St. Vincent’s.  Patty shared that she wished she had spent all four years at St. Vincent’s; the high school community shares her sentiment.  She will truly be missed on campus next year but we wish her well in college and beyond. We are honored to feature her as one of the outstanding students from our Class of 2021.