Tilman Phleger excelled during his four years at St. Vincent de Paul High School.

He was the captain of the eSports team, won the coaches award on the swim team, earned the spirit award on the cheer squad and was the president of Teens Against Discrimination.

A truly exceptional student, he begins his journey in a combined program for Computer Science and Psychology, a great fit for his interests in artificial intelligence and cognitive science.

At St. Vincent’s he was able to take an extensive schedule of challenging classes in AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus and AP Literature.


Tilman attended Mill Valley Middle School and has never looked back at his decision to attend St. Vincent de Paul High School. “Talk to your teachers,” Tilman urged first-year and incoming transfer students, “and not just about your work. They are real people with interesting experiences that are just a few words away from being yours.”

Service is a required component for St. Vincent’s students.  For most of his service, Tilman worked with Positive Images — an LGBTQIA+ advocacy and support organization that organizes events for visibility and education, and provides support in small group settings.


Many people would be surprised to learn that for 6-8 weeks over the last nine summers, Tilman was completely “off the grid.” He explored the Canadian wilderness in a canoe at a camp called Keewaydin utilizing gear made primarily of leather, wood and canvas. This summer he was invited to join the staff to guide others on their adventure.

“I really enjoyed the tight-knit community at SVHS.” He continued, “…one of the most valuable lessons St. Vincent’s has taught me is how to communicate with and appreciate people who don’t agree with you… that everyone’s perspective is valuable.”

Tilman has accomplished a lot in four years at St. Vincent’s and we wish him well at Yale University. We are proud to feature him as one of the outstanding students from our Class of 2019.