Leadership Roster

Executive Branch:

ASB President: Emma Riley
ASB Vice President: Coleton Cristiani
ASB Secretary: Lauren Seale
ASB Treasurer: Jane Crosby
ASB HIstorian: Alyssa Smith

General Assembly:

Commissioners of:

Social Concerns and Diversity: Olivia Martin and Hunter Stuhr
Social Activities: Andrew Kohler and Abby Carvajal
Athletics: Alexandra Saisi and Zoey Morley
Achievement: Abby Pezzolo and Tyra Cleary
Arts: Natalie Crafts and Amanda Thurman

Council of Classes:

Sarah Sarlatte
Wambui Munene
Anthony Maher
Nikki Wu
Nora Lo
Elisabeth Telucci

Advisory Panel:

Mr. Reynolds, nreynolds@svhs-pet.org, Petaluma
Mr.  Wieser, swieser@svhs-pet.org, Petaluma
Mrs. Waud-Reiter, awaud-reiter@svhs-pet.org, Santa Rosa