Tom Bonfigli | Legendary Coach, Impactful Teacher


St. Vincent de Paul High School in Petaluma is proud to announce Tom Bonfigli as the Varsity Head Coach for Men’s Basketball.  Coach Bonfigli is the most accomplished basketball coach in the North Bay. In 38 seasons, his teams have earned 17 league championships, 2 NCS championships, 2 NorCal championships and accumulated a remarkable 816 wins.  While those wins place Coach Bonfigli 8th all-time in the state of California, what he has truly achieved is a lifetime of relationships and positive impact on the lives of his students and players.   The numbers are staggering.  His teams have won 54 sectional or [...]

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Ken Blake | Taking Debate to the Next Level


In high school, debate teams build the reasoning and argumentation skills needed to be effective in the real world.  Persuasion, argumentation or trial are useful methods that our society utilizes to resolve conflict.  Enter Kenneth Blake from the Kings County District Attorney’s office; more commonly known as Brooklyn, New York.  Mr. Blake takes the reins of the most decorated debate team in the North Bay, consistently ranked in the Top 20 in the nation among all schools.   High school debate competitions have devolved into high speed, endurance events.  For example, the technique of “spreading,” where debaters speak as fast as possible, [...]

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Ed Evans | Fastest Game on Two Feet – Lacrosse


Lacrosse is commonly called “the fastest game on two feet”.  You can see the skills, tactics and strategies of more familiar sports such as football, basketball, hockey and soccer.  Ed Evans started playing lacrosse in 1966 and was coached by the legendary Coach Cuozzo --- the high school lacrosse coach with the most wins and highest winning percentage.  Subsequently, Ed was recruited to play lacrosse for the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York.  He graduated with a degree in General Engineering and commissioned a 2nd Lt of Infantry in the Regular Army. Ed’s most recent mission; the [...]

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