Patty Marty ’21 | “All at once, so many opportunities…”


Patty transferred from Petaluma High School and chose to attend St. Vincent de Paul High School because she “wanted to be in a more academic environment surrounded by motivated students.”  In just two years at St. Vincent’s, she was the Varsity Cheer Team Captain, participated in campus ministry and was elected Student Body Vice President while working at two jobs off campus.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and has been able to take Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors World Literature and Honors Chemistry.  In her senior year, she added AP Calculus, AP US History, AP Literature and AP Physics.   [...]

Patty Marty ’21 | “All at once, so many opportunities…”2021-03-18T18:36:27-07:00

Jade Schottstaedt ’21 | “Raising the flag, and the bar…”


For 13 years, Jade Schottstaedt has attended the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Schools in Petaluma.  Like her two older brothers, she chose to attend SVHS because she “knew they had great teachers”.  Now, she cites that the faculty as the main reason why she was “able to acclimate to high school so quickly”.  AMBITIOUS ACADEMICS + LEADERSHIP At St. Vincent de Paul High School she was able to take an extensive schedule of challenging classes in AP Physics, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus, AP Literature, AP US History and AP Spanish where she earned a 4.429 GPA.  A truly exceptional [...]

Jade Schottstaedt ’21 | “Raising the flag, and the bar…”2021-03-18T19:24:38-07:00

Kai Hall ’23 | Building his future at St. Vincent’s


Kai chose St. Vincent de Paul High School in Petaluma.  He offers his advice to those considering where they will attend high school. Kai is a resident of Santa Rosa and attended Wright Charter School.  Along with his twin sister, he shared that “We chose St. Vincent’s for the small school atmosphere.  The faculty and students are great.” He continued, “The 100-year tradition of excellence along with the improving athletics programs were also important considerations.  I wanted to be a part of re-building the independent football program, then play in the Northbay League (“NBL”) next year.” Deciding which high school to [...]

Kai Hall ’23 | Building his future at St. Vincent’s2021-03-19T00:38:42-07:00
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