Ken Blake | Taking Debate to the Next Level


In high school, debate teams build the reasoning and argumentation skills needed to be effective in the real world.  Persuasion, argumentation or trial are useful methods that our society utilizes to resolve conflict.  Enter Kenneth Blake from the Kings County District Attorney’s office; more commonly known as Brooklyn, New York.  Mr. Blake takes the reins of the most decorated debate team in the North Bay, consistently ranked in the Top 20 in the nation among all schools.   High school debate competitions have devolved into high speed, endurance events.  For example, the technique of “spreading,” where debaters speak as fast as possible, [...]

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Ed Evans | Fastest Game on Two Feet – Lacrosse


Lacrosse is commonly called “the fastest game on two feet”.  You can see the skills, tactics and strategies of more familiar sports such as football, basketball, hockey and soccer.  Ed Evans started playing lacrosse in 1966 and was coached by the legendary Coach Cuozzo --- the high school lacrosse coach with the most wins and highest winning percentage.  Subsequently, Ed was recruited to play lacrosse for the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York.  He graduated with a degree in General Engineering and commissioned a 2nd Lt of Infantry in the Regular Army. Ed’s most recent mission; the [...]

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Adam Gokcebay ‘19 heads to George Washington University


Adam attended Twin Hills Charter Middle School in Sebastopol and chose to attend St. Vincent de Paul High School because of “the small school atmosphere.”  Following in the footsteps of his sister Nicole, alumna from the Class of 2010 and member of the nationally-ranked debate team, he knew the school was academically challenging.  The students were spirited, motivated and many went on to competitive colleges and successful careers.    St. Vincent’s is a place where you can be yourself.  Many feel obligated to join the debate team, become a multi-sport athlete or earn the highest GPA with a full slate of [...]

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Hunter Johnson ’19 off to Sarah Lawrence College


Good luck to Hunter Johnson '19 at Sarah Lawrence College and her performance aspirations in New York. During her time at St. Vincent de Paul High School in Petaluma, she was an accomplished student, a vocalist in the jazz band, the Vice President of Teens Against Discrimination while focusing on her true passion; theater.  During the school day, she was able to engage with a unique range of relevant classes including AP Literature, AP Art while earning Honors in Creative Writing. Hunter attended St. Vincent de Paul Elementary School yet carefully considered which high school to attend.  “I was accepted [...]

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Abby Chamberlain ‘19 selects Chico State University


Abby attended Petaluma Junior High and chose to attend St. Vincent de Paul High School because “it is unique in that you can be involved in so many different activities.”  During her four years at St. Vincent’s she played Varsity Softball and Soccer where she was co-captain and All-League in both programs.  In addition to Varsity Cheer, she was the founder and President of the “Young Writers’ Club” --not surprisingly, she earned highest honors in journalism, creative and expository writing. CREATING HER OWN OPPORTUNITIES  She selected Chico State University because of the distance from home, the gorgeous campus, and a robust [...]

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Good Luck to Tilman Phleger ‘19 at Yale University


Tilman Phleger excelled during his four years at St. Vincent de Paul High School. He was the captain of the eSports team, won the coaches award on the swim team, earned the spirit award on the cheer squad and was the president of Teens Against Discrimination. A truly exceptional student, he begins his journey in a combined program for Computer Science and Psychology, a great fit for his interests in artificial intelligence and cognitive science. At St. Vincent’s he was able to take an extensive schedule of challenging classes in AP Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Calculus and AP [...]

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